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LoCo Foods is the Colorado Local Program Distributor for Sprouts Farmers Market and we proudly serve all 26 stores in the state!

Sprouts approves new products according to an annual category review schedule. If your product is already in Sprouts, it will be re-reviewed each year according to the category review schedule and if it is not doing well enough, or they determine there isn't room, your product may be dropped. This is why demos and promos are important for maintaining your shelf space at Sprouts stores.

If you are interested in submitting your product for review by Sprouts, please contact Darrelle who will ask Sprouts to watch for your samples and follow-up about approvals.


Sprouts Farmers Markets asks for 3 months advance notice for all vendor promotions. LoCo Foods only allows Scan Back Promotions. A Scan Back Promotion is set up 3 months to a year in advance and offers a discount to customers upon purchase as an instore coupon. The discounts from each store for the duration of the promotion are tallied up and the total is charged back to LoCo Foods, who then deducts that total from the next check sent to the vendor. Although Sprouts Corporate can set up various types of promotions, LoCo Foods only supports Scan Back Promotions.

To run a promotion, read, complete and e-mail the Sprouts Promo Workbook to Julie Fitzgerald, and cc:
Make sure to save your workbook as an Excel document named ‘Brand/Description/Month-Year- of Promo/Event Type/Submission Date’.

It is important to keep LoCo Food Distribution informed about your promotion plans, so we can assist in marketing your promotion, and ensure that paperwork lines up. Please contact us directly for further information.

Annual Commitment Form
Annual Commitment Forms must be submitted by each brand by the end of September to outline the promos the brand is going to offer for the following calendar year.
Then, the ‘Vendor Authorization Form’ in the Sprouts Promo Workbook must be submitted by the Submission Due Date found on the Promo Due Date tab also in the Promo Workbook. All submissions should be completed via email and cc:

  • Chain Vendor Demo Calendar


LoCo Food Distribution and Sprouts expect vendors with approved products in Sprouts Farmers Market to support sales of their products through demos, and promotions.

Sprouts Farmers Markets general policies and expectations around in store demos are outlined in the Sprouts Vendor Demo Policy document. These include expectations that also apply to local vendors.

After reviewing the Policies please note that local brands/ambassadors can do direct demos in stores. In order for this to occur a brand must:

  1. Contact the store you wish to demo in for initial approval. Ask for the Grocery Manager.
  2. Complete the Vendor Demo Sign Up Sheet (.doc) or online
  3. List Sprouts Farmers Markets on your certificate of insurance as an insured party
  4. Provide a copy of your food handlers card

Vendors should plan more than a week ahead in order to ensure approval and proper documentation.

Sprouts has a partnership with Direct Demos, a private company who can Demo on your behalf. Click here for rates and additional information.

According to the Sprouts Vendor Agreement, "It is the demonstrator’s responsibility to ensure that the store has sufficient stock to support their demo. We recommend calling the department manager approximately 1 week prior to your demo date to inquire about inventory and see if they would be able to order additional stock if needed."

LoCo Food Distribution can assist in making sure stores have adequate stock, but need to know your anticipated demo dates! Please upload your scheduled demo events (whether you are doing them yourself or working with Direct Demos) to the LoCo Foods Vendor Demo Calendar. In addition, please take a moment to call the store a week prior to your demo to check on inventory!

The LoCo Foods Vendor Demo Calendar is a new tool that we are offering so we may better support your marketing plan. When your demos and promos are listed in this calendar, it will enable our team to remind grocery buyers about upcoming events so they can stock their shelves with your product. If we don’t know about your demo, we can’t remind the buyers and support your sales! Also, despite reminding buyers to be prepared and maintain inventory, we cannot force buyers to complete orders. It is always a good idea to stop in before the demo to assess on hand inventory.

The email address we have on file for your company has been added to the Demo Calendar access list so that you can add items to the calendar using the format detailed below. You should have already received an invitation from Google to access the calendar. If you have not received the invitation from Google calendars, please request another invitation from Louisa at

Adding a DEMO or promo event to the calendar:

  1. Select the date of your demo or promo Double click on the time slot your demo starts
  2. In the pop-up window that opens, please fill in at a minimum the following items.
  3. In the top box (often pre-filled with “Untitled Event”): Name of store, Location, Brand/Vendor, demo. For example: Sprouts, Colfax – Elevation Ketchup demo
  4. Below the Event Title, In the date box – check that the correct date is listed.
  5. In the start time – list the time your demo starts.
  6. In the 3rd box enter the time your demo ends.
  7. In the Description box put the name, email and phone number of the person doing the demo.
  8. Select the color tag according to which chain account it is: Sprouts – Orange/Yellow, Whole Foods – Blue, Vitamin Cottage – Green (just get as close as you can)
  9. Click save
  10. Repeat for each demo you have scheduled.

Product Changes and Line Extensions

The majority of changes to your products require approval by Sprouts Corporate prior to introducing the changes onto the store shelves. Line extensions must be submitted to and approved by the Sprouts Corporate Office. Changes that require prior approval include:

  • price changes, up or down
  • UPC changes
  • ingredient changes
  • product certifications (organic, nonGMO, vegan)
  • unit or case size changes

Changes to pricing, unit and case size, and UPC code are submitted to Sprouts by LoCo Food Distribution. Please allow for 60 days lead time for these changes to take effect. Please work directly with our office on these changes for more information on how to proceed!

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