• We source fresh from producers throughout our 400 mile local region and deliver to wholesale customers along the North Central Front Range.

  • The seasonality of produce and protein is a feature of sourcing locally, and we work with producers to insure fresh consistent quality in accordance to nature's rhythms.

  • Our ONLINE CATALOG features over 2500 products. And check back as we will soon be listing all the farm and food businesses we work with.

  • Below we list attributes that we indicate for all of our products.

Locally Grown

So many great products are grown and produced right here in our local region, including grains, beans, meat, poultry, eggs and seasonal veggies and fruit. This category also includes processed products made with all or almost all local ingredients.

Locally Processed

These products are processed locally by locally owned companies, and may or may not be grown locally or have locally grown ingredients. Locally roasted coffee, sauces and salsas and some breads are among the products in this category.

Locally Packaged

These products are not grown in this region, but are packaged locally by locally owned companies. Products in this category can include spices!

Certified Organic

These are products that are grown and/or processed according to USDA organic standards and certified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. But you already knew that.

Gluten Free

Gluten Free diets are becoming more common as Celiac disease, also known as gluten intolerance, is being diagnosed with increased frequency. While gluten free certification is still in its infancy, we strive to identify those products that are grown and processed according to current gluten free standards.

Fair Trade

So many products we all love just do not grow in Colorado or this region (think coffee, tea, spices), but rather come from other countries. The products with this icon are certified fair trade.

  • Conservation Easements

Conservation Easement

These products come from farms and ranches that have voluntarily agreed to keep their land from being developed by giving up their valuable development rights. As a result, the beauty, productivity, and environmental benefits of these lands will be forever sustained. To learn more you can check out Bountiful Conservation and access a full list of all participating farms and ranches throughout Colorado and New Mexico.

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